How The Club Identity Was Formed

Chairman put forward in a meeting that a suitable name be chosen to be linked with Peakhurst. Mr Bob Grant thought the word "United" would be most appropriate. Mr Hough seconded


Mr Prestney suggested the name Peakhurst Forresters. This he felt appropriate our green boarded Forest Road and he suggested that our predominant colour be green. Mr R Rdwards liked the word Magpies.


Mr Grants motion was put and carried. It was then resolved that the club name was to be 
"Peakhurst United Junior Soccer Club"


During the sixth meeting of the Club, Mr S Edwards tabled a design of a winged soccer ball.


During the following meeting, held on the 6th November 1964, the design was officially accepted. Here's the relevant extraction from the minutes of that meeting.


"Two designs of pockets prepared by H Scheiss and Sons were prepared by Mr Bourke, Mr R Edwards moved that the design similar to shirt pocket be accepted. Mr D Thomas seconded- carried"

Peakhurst United FC Logo Evolution




        1980's- 2015 






Peakhurst United FC 50th Anniversary Video

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