Past Presidents of Peakhurst United

We remember and thank all of our past presidents for all their tireless efforts throughout the 50 years of Peakhurst United FC. They and their committees helped shaped what Peakhurst United FC is today.


1965- Jock Mayer 
1966-69- Bill Rhodin

1970-72- Ted Hubbard
1973-76- George Bran
1977-79- Geoff Wilcox
1980-81- Alan Young
1982- Betty Hubbard
1983- Steven Hubbard
1984-85- Geoff Kay
1986-89- Russell Norrish
1990-93- Brian Carrett
1993-96- David Birchall

1997- Ian Carew
2000-03-Phil Farrell
2004-08- Mark Warnes
2009-11- Con Karteris

2012-15-Simon Brown
2016-18-Mathew Papas

2018-Present- Sharon Whyte

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